Momento Frost

Momento – Frost (Enhancer Series)

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Product Description

Momento – Frost ( 1 Litres )

Introducing Nippon Momento’s special line of semi-transparent paint that can be applied over existing wall colours.

Glaze over ordinary coloured walls with a delicate masterpiece of frost texture, bathed in a 3 variants

  • Snow frost
  •  Gold frost
  •  Pearl frost

Formulated with low VOC, it contains no lead, mercury, chrome or heavy metal.

It is recommended for interior walls, ceilings, cement based plaster, gypsum based plaster, brickwork, hard and soft boards.

Directions for best results :

1. Stir well before use.

2. Use within 10 days after opening.

3. Application can be by brush or roller for primer. Apply irregular strokes using Momento brush or sponge for finish topcoat.

4. Do not dilute. If necessary, primer to be diluted with maximum 5% of water.

5. Clean up all equipment with clean water immediately after use.

Directions for use :

  • Drying Time : Touch up at 20 minutes. Hard dry at 1 hour mininum.
  • Recoating interval : 2 hours mininum. Based on normal condition.
  • Estimated Coverage : 10-12 m2 per litre per coat.
  • No. of coats : 2 coats.

Remarks :

1). The tinting base requires space for addition of colorant. The base quantity is 86% and above of the can capacity. After tinting, total content may vary but close to can capacity.