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Also available in White 9102K.


Product Description

Kansai Paint Ales Anti-MosQ Mosquito Repellent Paint ( 5 Litres )


  • Mosquito-repellant properties
  • Stain-less properties
  • High grade emulsion
  • Good washability
  • Bright, smooth, luxurious finish
  • Excellent colour retention
  • No added lead or mercury



  • Acts on the nervous system of mosquitoes (also other insects) by interfering with the neuron functions.
  • Prevent mosquitoes from approaching the painted walls.
  • Prevent mosquitoes from hiding in the space between the painted walls and curtains.
  • With less mosquitoes in a residence or buildings, incidence of mosquito bites will be reduced.
  • Act as deterrent of mosquitoes for 24 hours (more effective than mosquito coils).

Physical Properties

  • Coverages – 10-12m2/Lt @ 25 microns
  • Volume Solids – 40%
  • Dry Film Thickness – 25 microns / coat
  • Wet Film Thickness – 63 microns / coat
  • Flash Point – Not applicable



  • Drying Times – Surface Dry (10 min) ; Recoat (1-2 hours)
  • Dilution – Clean Household Water
  • Dilution – Clean Household Water

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Remarks :

1). For new/fresh cement surfaces, ensure that the surfaces are thoroughly dry before painting. Otherwise, premature paint failure may occur.

2). The paint colours are tinted by Kansai’s Colour Xpression Tinting Machine.

3). The tinting base requires space for addition of colorant. The base quantity is 86% and above of the can capacity. After tinting, total content may vary but close to can capacity.

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