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Dulux Ambiance Pearl Glo


Also available in White 15103.



# Notes :Colours shown are as close to actual colours as computer colour images allow. ( Due to Screen resolution and brightness ).


Product Description

Dulux Ambiance Pearl Glo ( 5 Litres )

A Touch of Luxury

– Premium quality emulsion paint for interior walls

– Highly durable and washable

– Promotes a mid sheen finish that exudex shimmers and luxury of pearls.

Directions for use :

  1. Drying Times :- Surface dry : 10 min ; Recoat : 1-2 hours
  2. Dilution : Clean household water
  3. Cleaning up : Clean household water
  4. Dilution ratio : Brush or Roller ; Ready for use. If dilution is required, add up to 5% clean water
  5. Coverage : 10-12 m2 /Lit @25 microns.

Remarks :

1). For new/fresh cement surfaces, ensure that the surfaces are thoroughly dry before painting. Otherwise, premature paint failure may occur.

2).The paint colours are tinted by Dulux’s Colour Solution Tinting Machine.

3).The tinting base requires space for addition of colorant. The base quantity is 86% and above of the can capacity. After tinting, total content may vary but close to can capacity.

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