wall putty filla

Wall Putty Filla Instant Filler – White colour



Product Description

Wall Putty Filla Instant Filler ( 1.5kg & 0.5kg )

  • A quick drying ready-to-use filler for plaster, wood etc.
  • For exterior and interior.
  • Suitable for filling cracks and levelling uneven surfaces.
  • It is fast drying and easy to apply.

Direction for use :

– Surface to be applied should be free from dust, grease and oil

– Use a scraper or spatula for application. Apply 1 to 2 layers depending on extent of unevenness

– Allow to dry – approximately 15 to 20 minutes depending on the surfaces before sanding and painting

– Close lid light after use to prevent drying. If  it becomes hard, add small amount of water.